I was born in Benfleet, Essex in 1965. In Easter 1988, just before the nonsense that was Section 28 became so-called ‘law’, I moved to Brighton and Hove, I have lived here ever since. In some ways I’m fairly settled, I have no plans to move — there’s much to love about this place — but I’ll happily change my life and situation if the need/desire arises. I have two cats and currently live with my ex-partner. My long-term plan, after the cats have gone, is to travel, as I did in my teens.

I’m very happily dyslexic, though I didn’t know it until my thirties; it rarely shows in my spelling. For me, the greatest manifestation of dyslexia is that I learn easily — but find it very difficult to correct mistaken learning.

I’m not particularly creative, but I’m greatly inspired by the creativity of others.

In my childhood I collected clocks, and dabbled in the attic with old televisions that the nearby scrap merchants had collected from jumble sales. Nowadays I collect dust. Alongside a 2006 17″ MacBook Pro I have a 1948 Philips Type 520a, a 1951 Pye LV30 and a 1955 Bush TV53. My 1986 JVC HR-D755EK is still going strong but my Alter Image collection and most other tapes are rather worn out.

I have a good head for information technology stuff, and I’m fairly dextrous, but I can’t tolerate poor design. Many modern phones, PDAs, computers and other gizmos deserve to be carelessly, joyously battered by legitimately frustrated carpenters. My day job, providing I.T. support, denies me the pleasure of a mallet in the hand. I envy, and don my hat to Michael — carpenter, friend, and owner of a keyboard that never quite recovered from the thrashing that ought to have been directed at Microsoft Windows.

I hate paperwork. I won’t waste time organising a personal organiser, I refuse to buy one until designers can get it right. I’d like an FIC Neo1973.

I’m a minor Apple Mac guru and I spend a lot of time at the computer, on the Internet, but I love nothing more than switching off at the weekend and escaping in a good movie or book, having a laugh with friends, going for a swim, or simply dreaming.

Since 1992 I have worked at CENTRIM — the Centre for Research in Innovation Management (formerly CBR — Centre for Business Research), Faculty of Management and Information Sciences, University of Brighton.

At Freeman Centre, on University of Sussex campus, CENTRIM is co-located with SPRU — Science and Technology Policy Research (formerly Science Policy Research Unit). CENTRIM and SPRU have a long history of collaboration on projects such as the CoPS Innovation Centre. We recently launched a Drupal service for Freeman Centre and for CENTRIM’s new web site, we’ll be using Plone.

My leisure time is spent mostly with friends, I don’t see enough of my family, I love the outdoors and windy weather, hate the rain and cold weather. I suffer from tinnitus, but generally enjoy the many things that I tend to do as a result of the disruption that it causes.