Making Safari and other browsers on Mac OS X compatible with ZopeEditManager and with .zem files that may be served by Zope/Plone

I have submitted the following hint to

Feel free to test/comment…

Safari compatibility with .zem and ‘Edit with external application’ features of Plone/Zope

For .zem files, sometimes offered by Plone content management systems, to be treated as safe by Safari and similar applications, you may add three strings to your DownloadAssessment preferences.

1) in Terminal,

plutil -convert xml1 ~/Library/Preferences/

2) in Terminal,

pico ~/Library/Preferences/

3) include the three strings shown in the example at then save and close the plist

4) get ZopeEditManager from the Urbanape software area

5) ZopeEditManager menu | Preferences… | Helper Apps

  • you may wish to add helpers such as
    • application/msword | NeoOffice | .doc

6) quit then re-launch Safari.

If your CMS does not append the .zem suffix to ZEM file names, then you may ask your Plone service administrator to consider the discussion at and around

Focusing on the Plone site manager’s view of


if the URL (Expression) is changed to


then the service may play more nicely with browsers on Mac OS X:

  • without compromising service to users of IE 7 on Windows
  • I have not tested for service compatibility with other browsers/platforms.

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