concurrent collaborative authoring and editing with a focus on ODF

My recent thoughts on this subject were offered to the MacFusion-devel group.

Focusing for a moment on Thoughtslinger,

  • a preference for Java is explained in the FAQ, and they don’t (or didn’t) rule out future Mac and Linux builds
  • comments at the SolidOffice blog note the absence of styles but acknowledge the fact that the technology is beta.

Defocusing from Thoughtslinger, thinking beyond styles, I wonder:

  • how will collaborative concurrent authoring environments cope with sound and vision within ODF documents?

These thoughts are relevant to my co-management of an Access Grid node at Freeman Centre.

I encourage the addition of sound and vision to NeoOffice and for Mac OS X but understand that QuickTime integration is, for the Aqua port of OOo, further down the timeline (I raised the question at the Mac OS X Port meeting on 25th May, their response came just after the log was committed).

Update, 3rd June: I’m about to make my first foray into Coventi. Whilst it promises to be great for collaboration, I’m not sure whether it allows concurrent edits to a page. More on Coventi to follow…


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