AVI to DVD on Windows

A friend who uses Microsoft Windows has some video (MPEG and AVI) that he’d like to burn to DVD in DVD-Video format.

I wondered which application(s) will be most suitable.

Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 Suite

Browsing Roxio’s UK site, it’s not easy to find suitable products. Eventually a Google search led me here —AVI is a supported input format— but when I switch to the UK version of the page, the list of formats disappears. No trace of AVI.

If we don’t want the entire suite, which one product is most suitable?

A search suggested that DVD Builder is capable but Roxio don’t list it amongst their products.

Another Google search for press releases relating to DVD Builder let me to an article explaining that

MyDVD’s best-in-class consumer DVD authoring engine could seemingly give Creator’s clumsy and limited DVD Builder a much-needed shot in the arm

Back to Roxio’s web site. Their product comparison chart for the two variants of MyDVD doesn’t mention AVI. Nor do their pages for the premier version of the product. A glance at US equivalents of the same pages is similarly disappointing. A search of Roxio support reveals the Supported file formats in Easy Media Creator 9 but when I search for supported file formats MyDVD I’m led to the same page (about the Suite) so I can only guess that MyDVD can import AVI.

If a company’s web site doesn’t offer decent pre-sales technical advice (HP is a great offender) I wonder what their post-sales product support will be like. Roxio software may be pleasing but their product information leaves much to be desired.

Reviews and literature


I hear good things about Nero. Their list of products is immediately easy to understand. Within seconds, a search for DVD AVI led me here and it’s clear that Nero Vision 4 within Nero 7 Premium Reloaded imports AVI.

Unlike Roxio, there’s a freely available trial version and I’m currently downloading via BitTorrent.

A Froogle search shows the Nero product selling for as little as £38.35 — around £20 less than the Roxio suite, and a little less than MyDVD, but of course I don’t know whether MyDVD does what I want. (I might contact Roxio for pre-sales support, but it’s probably easier to relax and see what Nero can do for us.)

Nicely done, Nero.


570 entries at VersionTracker but when I click to sort by product rating, the number drops from 570 to zero.


Now I truly understand why people love iLife


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