Exchange-oriented applications and VPN

The other day I wrote:


This stuff looks really good … Groupcal and AddressX, will give them ago. (I recall glancing at the products, but not trying them, a long time ago… I wonder why I lost interest at that time?)

Now, I remember:

  1. for applications such as Address Book, AddressX, Entourage, Groupcal and Mail to treat our off-LAN Exchange 2003 server as an Exchange server, we must first connect via VPN
  2. even with the VPN, server-client interactions are not as rich as we’d like.


  • Entourage reckons it will automatically determine Exchange account settings, but it does not
  • Entourage can be configured manually, but still it has trouble with Exchange’s Global Address List (GAL)
  • Exchange GAL won’t synchronise with Apple Address Book
  • neitherAddressX nor Groupcal work with our Exchange service.

Back to the drawing board…


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